Monday, July 07, 2008

Yay! shozu works?

Meaghan took this after we found out fro Mare that shozu worked.
Now I can document this upcoming weekend with my inlaws.  Lucky you.


Mare said...




Gloria Caruso said...

LOL...Glad it is working for you! YAY!!!
Now add me to your blog list lady...I am feeling unloved!

Christa said...

Mare, thank you for alerting me to the Shozu return! I am a happy girl, and I have lots of photos to share now! is crazy, and I will try hard to update my blogger list to include you soon!

Mark said...

Of course ShoZu works :-)

We make brilliant software ;) Hope you have fun sharing your life with our service.


Unknown said...

LOL you got the mgr. of Shozu posting on your blog Christa.

I hope Shozu works from Jamaica.

Christa said...

Wow, Mark, thanks for the comment! We were in a panic because ShoZu didn't work after July 1st until the day I posted this pic - Monday. We were in picture withdrawl. I agree with you - the service is great. Look for my new blog entry, dedicated to you!