Saturday, July 05, 2008

Damn Shozu

I have pictures. I have sent pictures. There are no new pictures on my blog. I'm mad. I must hunt for something new to put pictures on my blog until Shozu gets their act together. I must share pictures!!!

I'll continue taking pictures and maybe we'll get caught up soon!


Mare said... too, me too!

I've been using it over a month now with no problems. Why now?

Grrrrrrr! LOL!

Christa said...

I tried to google to see if there were any problems being posted somewhere, but I came up empty. Very frustrating as I have a nice picture of your latte I wanted to post!

Unknown said...

Well I was told to use that and my pictures would show up.....nope. I got bad information, lol

This mobile picture blogging is frustrating

Christa said...

Debbie, it was working on July 1st - my last picture posts. I spent today trying to get it working again and nada!! It really is frustrating because I wanted to blog my upcoming weekend!!