Sunday, June 29, 2008



Mare said...

*jumping up and down in excitement*

OMG! You went!

You really need to add a review to this photo. Did you have a margarita and a cheeseburger?

Did it take you to paradise?

Oh, and what did you think? ;)

Christa said...

No margariata. Had a cheeseburger. Had sweet potato chips. The chips took me to paradies - the burger, not so much. We asked for it medium, and it was definitely medium rare, almost rare. The bun was soaked with juice. It was uninspired. But, those sweet potato chips - YUM! I am now craving sweet potato chips and I need to find some now.

BTW - TGIFriday's closed today. They were taking down the signs. No big loss there. We ate there once and both the food and service were horrible.

We must do mexican by the theater! Now those are some good margaritas! We could do an early movie and eat before the crowds.

Christa said...

PS - I think we should have gone to Mimi's instead!

Mare said...

That stinks. We've always had incredible burgers there, and we usually order ours medium, too. Maybe it was just the kitchen the day you went?

And yes, those sweet potato chips *are* incredible. They make the traffic filled drive worth it! ;)

Christa said...

The chips I got in the natural section at the store are pretty good, too, but they need salt. A good substitute. We'll probably try CIB again, but we'll pick Mimi's first!