Monday, June 30, 2008

Cheaters at Panera


Mare said...


Even if you don't want to share a review of 'Cheeseburger in Paradise', you must elaborate on this photo post a little more.

Mark is super curious, as it contains the word 'Panera'.


Christa said...


So, we are sitting there eating our lunch and this couple comes and sits on the couch. They are 50-somethings. He's american, she's asian and does not speak good english. You can tell he's totally trying to make it with her, and he's trying to explain something to her, and he's like one of those stupid people that talks slow in broken sentences thinking she'll understand better.

At one point, I hear her saying something to the effect of "next time I'll bring my husband." My eyes bug out when I hear that! Next thing I know, they are holding hands, and he sneaks a kiss here and there. He was just skeevy because you know that if we weren't sitting there, he might have been all over her. So, what do I do?? I make it a point to keep on sitting there, long after my lunch is over, just to keep him from her. Hahaha!

I really should have just turned my chair to face them and watched the clock to see how long it would have taken for them to be uncomfortable and leave. You know, if you want to be meeting up on the sly, don't be doing it in my town and my spot! Take your lyin' cheatin' ass and make out in the car.

Mare said...


I just spit my should have warned me!

What is this world coming to when our local Panera is the meet up spot for adulterers?


Christa said...

I know, right!! I wanted to spray the couch with Lysol!