Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slow and quiet morning.

We did the extra magic hours last night at Magic Kingdom, so we are all moving slow this morning.   It hasn't gotten too hot on the balcony yet, but I know it's coming.   I can hear the boat horns in the distance.  It's so great to hear them than via a web cam.

Tomorrow will be the big day at Universal!  Can. Not. Wait!

This afternoon will be an Epcot day.  Dinner planned for La Hacienda.  I think we may stop and see Francisco for appetizers beforehand!   Jody's never been so it's time to initiate the newbie!

The boys made it safely to their first destination yesterday.   Today they should get into Key West fairly early.   Hopefully there won't be any calls for bail money!


Mare said...

That's the best way to do the parks; take advantage of those EMH at night, and take it slow the next day.

Photos of Jody's first delicious margarita, please, and have fun!

Lynn Coulter said...

Looks like a fantastic trip so far! Drink a butterbeer for us when you hit HP world!