Monday, July 21, 2008


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Fun and games

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More popsicle time

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Popsicle time

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Mmmm...dorm life

Kind of sparse, eh?  The good news is that I have a room to myself.  I have internet, and I have my router.  Life is good!  =)

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We're here

No internet access until earlier today, but that doesn't excuse the lack of ShoZu photos!  We have been busy taking care of kids.  Today we did a room inspection looking for "contraband."  Last year many cans of energy drinks were confiscated, along with some chewing tobacco.  This year - NADA!!  Yay!  We were really happy about that.  It wasn't too fun digging through suitcases and such, especially smelly boy clothes.  LOL

Tonight we had storms roll through, so the field practice had to be moved indoors and became music practice.  We're hoping we'll able to do inflatable game night at 9PM!  Tomorrow, we should have our live video stream running of the kids.  If you are interested in the link, you can email me or PM through the Lodge.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What was I thinking?

I leave in the morning to chaperone our marching band while at band camp in SC.  I'm not going alone - I think there will be about 12+ chaperones.  I have put it off, and I finally decided to go her senior year.  Of course, she's not happy with that, but whatever!  I have the cell phone charger and my camera ready!  I have to make sure I bring all the right cords!

Today I've been consumed with fixing my desktop.  I've been infected with the Virtumonde virus.  Lucky me!  Lucky me, too, that I have a Mac Book to keep me online while I wait to get this fixed.  I think I messed something up earlier because now I can't boot into normal mode.  I'm in the middle of a system restore to early July, so I'm hoping I can get this up and running again.  What a mess!!  If I can't, I'll have to leave it until I get back because I still need to pack!!!!  YIKES!

Try not to miss me too much!  I'll have the Mac Book with me, so I'll be updating pictures and blog entries, and you will find me hanging out in the usual places.  I predict that by next Friday night, I'll be absolutely exhausted! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good for sore throats

No cheaters at Panera today. We did see an interview going on, and we noticed their health department score has gone way up to 94 now. Whew!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rain is good!

Meaghan: Yeah but why couldnt it have lasted through band practice??
It would have been a nice break.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

ShoZu - Mark Jambas

Wow - who knew my little blog would have a visitor from ShoZu that would leave a comment!  I feel famous.  I think it's great that people at a company get out there and see what's being said.  People are brutally honest on the 'net, so you know you are reading it raw.

I never realized how much fun I would have with mobile blogging until I saw Mare's blog and the little ShoZu picture.  Clicking on that changed my daily life!  So, imagine my panic when it stopped working on July 2nd!  There wasn't anything out there that worked as well (read - easily) as ShoZu!  I'm so glad it's back up and working so I can share my pictures with you.

Many moons ago I did technical support from my home in Chicago (at the time) for Zing, a photo album community, and then Imagestation, which merged with Zing.  The company(ies) were located in San Francisco, and I got to work from home for them!  Life was great, until Zing and Imagestation folded.  So, ShoZu, if you are looking for tech support folks that use and love the product and know how to telecommute - I'm your woman!

Mark, thanks for the comment.  Update your blog so we can see what's going on in San Francisco these days!



Band hell

There is nothing worse than sitting in a cramped, stinky, sweaty room full of uniforms. Boo.
Its Meaghan. I finally got fed up with my mom only putting pictures on here and not explaining them!
Oh, and can you beleive the name of her blog?? What does she think? Im growing up or something?
But yes, a wonderful thankyou to Anglea and mom for makng sure our uniforms smell good.
Christa here - You know, we moan and groan about doing the uniforms, but in reality I think Angela and I really enjoy it. We love being around the kids, and our uniform room is never empty. We both have seniors this year, and I know we both are feeling that "oh man, this is it" feeling. I think the kids are in for a shock, though, when the new people come in next week to start helping out. One is pretty quiet, and Angela and I are far from quiet. I'm not sure about the other because she is a new parent. I hope these two ladies remember that laughter is a wonderful thing, and that sometimes these kids need that after a long day. They also need an ear and a shoulder because when September rolls around, and they have spent 4 and 5 days a week with each other, it's like 100 siblings being mad at each other. So, it's a bittersweet experience, heading back into the uniform for the last time. I may be a little lost next July when marching season rolls around.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Tokyo japanese

MMM.  Japanese is my favorite!

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Meg's cool glasses

These are my awesome new glasses. Not only are they white in the day time, but they GLOW IN THE DARK!!!
I know right?!?

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Mare's latte

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Yay! shozu works?

Meaghan took this after we found out fro Mare that shozu worked.
Now I can document this upcoming weekend with my inlaws.  Lucky you.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Damn Shozu

I have pictures. I have sent pictures. There are no new pictures on my blog. I'm mad. I must hunt for something new to put pictures on my blog until Shozu gets their act together. I must share pictures!!!

I'll continue taking pictures and maybe we'll get caught up soon!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008