Saturday, July 19, 2008

What was I thinking?

I leave in the morning to chaperone our marching band while at band camp in SC.  I'm not going alone - I think there will be about 12+ chaperones.  I have put it off, and I finally decided to go her senior year.  Of course, she's not happy with that, but whatever!  I have the cell phone charger and my camera ready!  I have to make sure I bring all the right cords!

Today I've been consumed with fixing my desktop.  I've been infected with the Virtumonde virus.  Lucky me!  Lucky me, too, that I have a Mac Book to keep me online while I wait to get this fixed.  I think I messed something up earlier because now I can't boot into normal mode.  I'm in the middle of a system restore to early July, so I'm hoping I can get this up and running again.  What a mess!!  If I can't, I'll have to leave it until I get back because I still need to pack!!!!  YIKES!

Try not to miss me too much!  I'll have the Mac Book with me, so I'll be updating pictures and blog entries, and you will find me hanging out in the usual places.  I predict that by next Friday night, I'll be absolutely exhausted! 


Mare said...

Have a great time, Christa! ;)

And we expect *lots* of photos-LOL!

Gloria Caruso said...

Have an awesome time Christa! We want to see pictures!