Tuesday, July 08, 2008

ShoZu - Mark Jambas

Wow - who knew my little blog would have a visitor from ShoZu that would leave a comment!  I feel famous.  I think it's great that people at a company get out there and see what's being said.  People are brutally honest on the 'net, so you know you are reading it raw.

I never realized how much fun I would have with mobile blogging until I saw Mare's blog and the little ShoZu picture.  Clicking on that changed my daily life!  So, imagine my panic when it stopped working on July 2nd!  There wasn't anything out there that worked as well (read - easily) as ShoZu!  I'm so glad it's back up and working so I can share my pictures with you.

Many moons ago I did technical support from my home in Chicago (at the time) for Zing, a photo album community, and then Imagestation, which merged with Zing.  The company(ies) were located in San Francisco, and I got to work from home for them!  Life was great, until Zing and Imagestation folded.  So, ShoZu, if you are looking for tech support folks that use and love the product and know how to telecommute - I'm your woman!

Mark, thanks for the comment.  Update your blog so we can see what's going on in San Francisco these days!




Mare said...

You're famous. ;)

Mark said...

Hehe aw shucks, now I'm the one who feels famous! An entire blog post dedicated to me! Well I really appreciate it, and we pride ourselves on being a part of the communities that we support. If only I'd seen your earlier post back then about ShoZu not working!

It is also fantastic to hear that you started using ShoZu after seeing our little tag at the bottom of somebody else's upload. Wonderful to hear about it's viral effect :-)

Oh goodness me, I totally forgot that this Blogger account was full of horrible test photos. Just ignore those, I just use it for testing. My real blog about the company is over at http://shozu.vox.com and if you want to see some Bay Area scenery my Flickr stream is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/thejambo/

Enjoy your new found photo blogging hobby! I know I do ;-)


Mark said...

Oh and I'll take a note of your interest in tech support too :-) Thanks!

Christa said...

Mark - hey, anyone from a big company that takes time to comment on a "commoner" blog is famous to me! Getting into the trenches is important!

I made my first trip out to SF last summer, and it was gorgeous! The food we had was horrible, so I'm hoping for another trip out there so I can find the good restaurants that were hiding. I even had an evening at a friend's house in Tiburon, and it was gorgeous there.

I'm going to bookmark the links! Thanks!

PS - Saw Cobra Starship on the Vox site. Thread of commonality, Nate Navarro is from my hometown and was a marching band geek! My daughter is off watching CS at the Vans Warped Tour today.

PPS - thanks for keeping me in mind for tech support! I am great with customer service, too!

Christa said...

Mark - Another PS from me - love your Bimmer!! We love ours. It's no M, but we love it just the same! ;)

Mark said...

There is some great seafood about in the city, and awesome italian too, and sushi. And of course, the burritos are great ;-) I'm fairly new to SF myself, moved out here about a year ago. Was working for ShoZu in the UK for a couple years, but I'm Australian, so have a strange blend of accents I'm sure.

Cobra Starship are great! Gabe (the lead singer) and I have some of the funniest email exchanges, they are such an entertaining bunch! But I was limited to the videos I could show on our blog because most have some fairly colorful language in them, hehe.

Oh I totally missed your Bimmer, that is awesome! Which model is that? Convertible? I see you have the sport pack wheels (love those). I was tossing up between the new coupe or a near new M3, but then I realized I'm only going to be single and childless for a certain amount of my life so time to make the most of having a completely impractical, illogical roadster that rides like a go kart and bucks and jumps like a wild bull ;-) I'm sure I'll come to my senses sooner or later and get the coupe too.


Christa said...

I found the seafood at the Wharf. Honestly, the best meal we had was dungeness crab, fresh bread from Boudin and ginormous strawberries, all eaten in our room at The Palace. We'll do better next time finding better places!

We got the 328i hardtop convertible. The 335 would have been nice, and of course the new M is SWEET! We've had to replace 3 run-flats because of the roads here in Atlanta. Thank God we got the road hazard warranty! Today, someone was riding in my blind spot and I barely touched the gas and away I went. Scary! I really want to find a track where I can really put it through it's paces. It's so sad to only get to drive a max of 80 (if we're lucky) when it can do so much more! Have you found Bimmerfest.com? OMG - Bimmer heaven! You have a question, they have an answer.

My husband actually thought about the roadster, but we went practical with the 4 seater. Some days he wishes he had gone with the Cayman!

About the colorful language of CS - I can only imagine! They are great guys, though, and seem really down to earth even with their success! I can't wait to hear how the concert was today.

I bet your accent is amazing! Oz - one place I really, really want to visit one day. Are you staying in the US for a while, or is this just short stay? If you come to the south for any amount of time, you'll really have a mix of accents!

Mark said...

Oh sweet the 328 convertible is very nice :-) I bet it is a total dream to drive. I sure am on Bimmerfest, my nickname there is jambo so give me a shout if you ever see me! i'm always hangin out in the Z section really :-) soooo many forums to join it is crazy.. bimmerfest, bimmerforums, roadfly, zpost, baybimmerz, m3forum.net, i cant keep up! i wish all the owners were just united in one spot!

Yikes that's bad to hear about your tires its a shame they decided to fit run flats across most of the range. Although, i am kinda wishing at the moment i was using run flats since i cracked a rim a couple of weeks ago and one of my tires keeps going down! But of course, not a single Z4m rear rim for sale in the whole country aside from a dodgy ebay accident repaired one, so about to bite the bullet and order from germany through my local dealer... yeeouch!

How was the CS concert? i bet it was great, they can make even the dullest moment entertaining!

i'll be staying in the US for a while i hope. i much prefer it over the UK, London is an awesome city to base yourself for a while and see europe but the people in SF are just like they are back in Oz and i immediately felt like i was home :-)

See ya

Christa said...

I'll definitely put you on my friend list over there at Bimmerfest. I haven't ventured too far because I think it would totally suck up what's left of my day! I could while away hours on the net!

OUCH - I was really worried about the rim on our because my husband hit a pothole pretty hard and dead-on. But, the rim was okay. The road hazard insurance would have covered that, too. That pricetag for a new one from Germany is going to hurt, but you know it's better for the car in the long run. Why skimp when you went all out for the initial purchase? Ha! I'm not keen on the run-flats, but given what we've been through, I think we'll stick with them until the construction is done on the south side of town. LOL - of course this is Atlanta, and the roads are always under construction.

My daughter loved the concert and she was burnt to a crisp when she got home. It's cleared up just in time for band camp! At least she'll use sunscreen this time around.

Well, if I make another trip out to SF, which is entirely possible given my working relationship with a cosmetics company out there, I'll definitely let you know! It would be fun to just grab a drink and say hi.

Well, I must stop procrastinating and get packed for camp. Ahh...the life of a chaperone!