Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good for sore throats

No cheaters at Panera today. We did see an interview going on, and we noticed their health department score has gone way up to 94 now. Whew!

Posted by ShoZu


Mare said...

LOL! on the cheaters thing!

Chicken noodle? Yup, good for ouchie throats.

Sending hugs and get well wishes your way. =)

Christa said...

Thanks! Tonight it's a stuffy nose and an achey throat. I've been drinking water, taking sudafed and tossing down vitamin C. I have to be better by Sunday!

Mare said...

Just wanted to send some healthy thoughts your way. Hope you are feeling a little better today. =)

Christa said...

Well, I'm on the backside of a summer cold. I sound really sexy! LOL We leave in the AM for band camp, so let's hope I can stay healthy while I'm there.