Monday, December 29, 2008

College Stuff

The letter came today - the one we've been waiting on. Georgia Tech sent out their acceptance letters around Christmas, and it was the best present ever! The mail was delivered today, including all the stuff that was held while we were away, and in it was a big envelope with a "Congratulations" on the outside. That sure makes opening the envelope a lot easier, and I didn't have to peek while waiting on Meg! So, now she has an acceptance from Auburn and Georgia Tech, and now decisions will have to be made, although we are pretty sure she is deciding on GT. I'm just happy that she received an acceptance from both schools. It's a nice boost to the self-esteem!

To add to our happiness today, Kevin received a promotion to VP. So, it's a very good day in our house with lots to celebrate. We have been very blessed in 2008, and I hope that 2009 is just as wonderful.


Mare said...


Yipee...that's a lot of good news all in one day! =)

Christa said...

It certainly is! I hope there are some brighter days at your house right now and that you're feeling better tomorrow night, well, tonight! LOL