Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not keeping up!

It's obvious that I have not been keeping up with my blog like I should. Truth is, I haven't been anywhere that interesting that's worth sending a picture! I need a trip somewhere. I'm working on something for February - maybe a cruise. Then Kevin threw out Hawaii yesterday, and with some family over there, it's a viable option, too. The plus about the cruise is that we are away from phones and internet, which would be good for both of us. Yes, I know you can get internet on the ship, but it's a good opportunity to just unplug for a few days. Hawaii is such a long plane ride, plus the jet lag, etc. We could see if my brother's condo is available in Sanibel, but most likely it's booked for that week.

I think this is sort of our last hurrah for a family vacation before Meg heads off to college. I know life as we know it will change drastically when that day comes. Right now she has an acceptance letter from Auburn. We've paid deposits so that she can sign up for housing. She's still waiting on her letter from Georgia Tech. Tech guarantees freshmen housing, so she has time to make a decision and sign up for housing there. We would rather be out some of the Auburn deposit money if she decides to go to Tech, instead of scrambling to find housing if she decides to go to Auburn. Keep good thoughts for her and Tech. I think she'd really like to go there, and of course the in-state tuition is a big plus! Either way, I know she'll be happy at whichever school she chooses.

We do have a trip planned to WDW in April. The band (concert) is going down for the Disney Festival clinics. Two or three years ago, they went down to Orlando but went to the Universal clinics. The band director loves Disney almost as much as I do, so we're both excited to be going to Disney! Originally I had said I would chaperone, but Kevin said he wanted to go, too, but didn't want to chaperone, so we used our points and got a place at Old Key West. We'll use his Delta FF miles and fly down instead of drive. That way we can stay a little longer. Maybe we'll check out the DVC Preview Center and see the AKL and BLT models. I might even convince him to add on! Haha! Gotta love a man that makes sure we have enough DVC points.

So, that's life here in a nutshell. I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. I think I might head to Home Depot and Lowe's today and see what kind of Christmas trees they have. Ours is painfully old, and I have been begging for a pre-lighted tree for the last few years. So, I guess I better leave you all now and get busy and get out the door.

Let me just end with a word about how thankful I am for my family and my friends. Without you, my life would not be as rich!

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