Monday, July 21, 2008

We're here

No internet access until earlier today, but that doesn't excuse the lack of ShoZu photos!  We have been busy taking care of kids.  Today we did a room inspection looking for "contraband."  Last year many cans of energy drinks were confiscated, along with some chewing tobacco.  This year - NADA!!  Yay!  We were really happy about that.  It wasn't too fun digging through suitcases and such, especially smelly boy clothes.  LOL

Tonight we had storms roll through, so the field practice had to be moved indoors and became music practice.  We're hoping we'll able to do inflatable game night at 9PM!  Tomorrow, we should have our live video stream running of the kids.  If you are interested in the link, you can email me or PM through the Lodge.

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Mare said...


Smelly boy clothes.


All in the day in the life of a Band Mom, right? ;)