Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Band hell

There is nothing worse than sitting in a cramped, stinky, sweaty room full of uniforms. Boo.
Its Meaghan. I finally got fed up with my mom only putting pictures on here and not explaining them!
Oh, and can you beleive the name of her blog?? What does she think? Im growing up or something?
But yes, a wonderful thankyou to Anglea and mom for makng sure our uniforms smell good.
Christa here - You know, we moan and groan about doing the uniforms, but in reality I think Angela and I really enjoy it. We love being around the kids, and our uniform room is never empty. We both have seniors this year, and I know we both are feeling that "oh man, this is it" feeling. I think the kids are in for a shock, though, when the new people come in next week to start helping out. One is pretty quiet, and Angela and I are far from quiet. I'm not sure about the other because she is a new parent. I hope these two ladies remember that laughter is a wonderful thing, and that sometimes these kids need that after a long day. They also need an ear and a shoulder because when September rolls around, and they have spent 4 and 5 days a week with each other, it's like 100 siblings being mad at each other. So, it's a bittersweet experience, heading back into the uniform for the last time. I may be a little lost next July when marching season rolls around.

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