Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm not loving you, Google

Frickin' Google. I tried to sign up for the mobile picture thing, and the damn message locked up my inbox. So, now I'm working on backing up contacts, pictures and sounds so that I can do a hard reset on my phone. Ticks me off!

Edit: Oh, I'm TOTALLY not loving you, Google! The hard reset would not get rid of the message, so now I have to get a new phone. Going to the Verizon store was not in my schedule today!


~Jody~ said...

Oh no Christa! I hope it soon works out for you. I'm looking forward to seeing live trip report!

Christa said...

Bad update - now I have to get a new phone because the message will not clear!

Are you mobile blogging with your pics? If so, what are you using?